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Hello, I am D. Romano.

Because of events during my formative years, I have been motivated to be a defender of victims rights my whole life. When I was still a child and too young to understand why, my grandfather, barely a senior citizen, died of complications resulting from conditions and injuries suffered while he worked in the coal mines of West Virginia almost 100 years ago. When my grandfather came to America alone as a teenager to find what he imagined was a better life, he didn’t speak the language. Consequently, overworked and forgotten, he was subjected to the dangerously unsafe and unthinkable working conditions. But when he died years later of a disease related to the horrible working conditions, I was too young to understand why there was not a claim to make my grandmother whole again. Consequently, she suffered again – this time financially, because her relatively young husband was taken far too soon. Consequently, she lived a long life, but very poor.

A few years after the death of my paternal grandfather above, my maternal grandfather died of heart and lung disease. He began smoking the days long before warning labels on cigarettes – when tobacco companies actually advertised that smoking menthol was “good for you.” His untimely death was the direct result of being a lifelong smoker. In the days before “Big Tobacco” litigation, no claim was made for him either, and my family suffered again. These two great injustices in my formative years were pivotal for me in my formative years and they fueled my ambition to become an attorney and advocate the rights of individuals who were victimized by the actions or negligence of others. Whether unintentional (as in the case of most car accidents), or intentional (such as defective product placement), it has been my passion to become a champion of victim’s right. I knew even as a child that I would one day become a personal injury attorney. It was, at the time, the driving force which gave my life purpose and direction.

Working hard to achieve this goal, I received a business degree in economics, and later graduated law school in 1992 from the Florida State University College of Law, where I served on the Law Review (which is a special privilege for high-achieving students). I won numerous accolades while earning the degree of Doctorate of Jurisprudence (J.D.). After law school, I had the opportunity to work for firms which defended insurance companies and other “big business” interests responsible of the injuries of others. (Wealthy insurance-oriented law firms can afford to hire the best attorneys straight out of law school). But working for the “defense” was never a proper fit for me — emotionally or morally. I felt like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. I truly believed that the law should work FOR THE VICTIMS and not for big defense interests like insurance companies. A few years later, I broke away from doing defense work for ANY insurance or defense interest. Finally, I founded the injury-specializing ROMANO LAW FIRM, representing only victims – and never insurance companies or big business defense. We represent only plaintiffs. We at the Romano Law Firm represent ONLY individuals. Only YOU… That way, we avoid any possible conflicts of interest.

I became fulfilled professionally when I came to the plaintiff side to champion the rights of victims. However, working for the “enemy” very early in my career made me especially aware of how well-armed, well-prepared and well-financed insurance companies are, and just how effective they can be at subduing or minimizing very legitimate claims – even very serious claim or lawsuits which included broken bones, head injury, loss in use, and every kind of injury or death case.

We sometimes think of insurance companies and their representatives as friends (at least that is what their multi-billion dollar advertising campaign would have us believe). But we should never be blind to the fact that the moment you become involved in an accident, their financial interests became adverse to yours. Insurance companies do not become multi-billion dollar entities through their generosity. One thing that insurance companies would like you NOT to know is that claims and lawsuits where the injured party is represented by an experienced personal injury attorney result in a higher net result than unrepresented injured people or accident victims. This is a fact based on the insurance companies’ own statistics. (See also our blog post about the injury insurance industry). For more insight into how insurance companies operate, please visit our page on this website which reveals 10 Things that insurance companies don’t want you to know.

We believe in fair compensation for our clients – for both economic damages and personal injuries they may have suffered, whether involving “whiplash”, other serious injury, paralysis, dismemberment, or death. Indeed, even if an injury may initially seem minor, those injuries may prove to be debilitating or financially backbreaking unless proper medical attention is sought. That is why we evaluate each client on a case-by-case basis. Our mission is to help pick up the pieces and make you financially whole again by seeking compensation from the responsible entity or insurance company.

If you or someone you know is injured through the fault of another, do not delay to call The Romano Law Firm. Because of the many traps for the unwary victim or auto or motorcycle negligence, a delay could make you a victim of your injury a second time. Failure to find an experienced injury trial attorney could jeopardize your claim. Sometimes the simplest solution is also the best one: to use a Counselor who knows the Way. That is why we are here. We want to step into the gap for you and help you find your Way towards financial wholeness. I like to believe that the Romano Law Firm is the firm that my grandmothers and family would have consulted if given the chance.

Our Associates

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We are blessed to work with a great team of legal and medical professionals who can help guide our clients towards wellness and reach maximum medical improvement while at the same time carefully documenting injuries and pursuing all available legal remedies.

The Romano Law Firm associates with other attorneys who specialize in specific areas of law relating personal injury, such as social security, workers’ compensation and product liability. Sometimes there is already existing litigation or a class action suit, such as Big Tobacco or many pharmaceutical cases (such as Fen-Phen). We are able to direct those claims to channels where specialists in a particular kind of litigation best serves our clients.