Auto Accident Lawyer in D.C.

If you have been injured in a car accident in Washington, D.C. that was someone else’s fault, then you may be entitled to money to cover medical bills, the repair of your vehicle, lost wages from time off work and more.

After an accident, it’s best to contact a D.C auto accident lawyer as soon as possible. The staff at the Romano Law Firm can ensure that you receive proper medical treatment that is well-documented. Letting us fight your battle from the start ensures that you won’t need to deal with the stresses of communicating with the insurance company. We can handle all of that for you, and we don’t charge an hourly rate. We’ll handle these details for you with no add-on legal fees of any kind.

Auto accidents are often unavoidable, even for the safest of drivers. The Romano Law Firm works diligently to provide legal counsel and get you the relief you deserve.

Filing an Auto Accident Claim in D.C.

While auto accident victims often delay the claims process, we recommend seeking legal counsel immediately and filing an auto accident claim. It’s human nature to put off a process that sounds stressful, but many personal injury victims often regret not acting sooner.

In some cases, a minor injury ends up becoming a bigger problem and the fear of driving again keeps many victims off the road for years. In D.C., you have three years from the date of your auto accident to file a claim against the driver. While three years seems like a reasonable amount of time, medical bills can haunt you even after this time. Our staff at the Romano Law Firm will step in from the start, ensuring that you get your relief as quickly as possible.

Most cases can be resolved without a need for litigation, but if a lawsuit ensues, the Romano Law Firm will cover the upfront costs. You won’t need to handle these out-of-pocket expenses because we are confident in our ability to get clients paid.

Even if you are unsure about filing a claim, it doesn’t hurt to speak to an experienced personal injury firm. You can always decide later not to pursue a claim, but it pays to at least consider the option. Many accident victims realize later on that they would like to file a claim, but by that point, it’s too late.

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