Auto Accidents Lawyer

auto accidents lawyer

CALL US IMMEDIATELY – Many people believe that hiring an attorney is the last thing to do. However, legal representation early in the process may help you from falling into traps and pitfalls, which laypeople may not know about. We can make sure that your injury is properly documented (often beginning with hospital treatments).

LET US HELP YOU GET THE MEDICAL ATTENTION YOU NEED – We can make sure that the proper parties are stepping up to the plate – and in most cases, we are able to help you avoid a deductible.

REPORT THE ACCIDENT TO YOUR OWN INSURANCE COMPANY – In many cases, you have an obligation to report the claim to your own insurance company. However, you are cautioned against many pitfalls of discussing your injury, or speaking directly with the insurance company of the party responsible for the crash. Even during the reporting process, it is helpful for legal counsel to be involved with every communication with the insurance company so that your interests and rights are not violated, and since the Romano Law Firm does not charge an hourly rate, there are no legal fees for having us help to handle these details.

DON’T BE LED BY FEARS – After being hit, it can be intimidating to get back on into your life and back on the road. Even getting behind the wheel can be a little dreadful. Putting you on the path towards wellness and wholeness can be reassuring and comforting. The Romano Law Firm can help. We know the Way!

WE WILL AGGRESSIVELY FIGHT FOR YOU! – Even the safest drivers can be victims of auto negligence. We know how frustrating it can be when you are involved in a car crash. Let us take up the fight for you against the insurance companies to defend your rights and get you the compensation to which you are entitled.

Filing Claims

YOU HAVE THE RIGHTS – Deciding to make a claim may be a difficult decision, but if your healing does not come forth speedily, you may have rights and means of relief and compensation of which you are unaware. Our job is to make you whole again.

NO FEE OR COST UNTIL WE PREVAIL – Although most cases are able to be resolved without the need for litigation, if a lawsuit does ensue, we gladly front the escalating costs of litigation, which are reimbursed only at the conclusion of the case, so that you are never “out-of-pocket.” Our fronting of costs is a vote of confidence in our own ability to get our clients paid.

PROPERTY DAMAGE – Additionally, we handle property damage without charging any fee. This courtesy is included in our services. Finally, we do not charge any fee for medical coverage, which may be available “up front” and payable to medical providers.

BE DILIGENT – Many people are apt to take a “wait and see” attitude about their injuries. But as weeks or longer go by after an accident, often it becomes to late to make a claim.

DON’T LET TIME PASS – You may at any time change your mind and later decide not to pursue a claim, but you will never have another time to set the stage properly or document a claim. You will regret not acting now if your injuries turn out to be more serious than you initially thought. And by that time, it may be too late.

We have expert auto accident lawyers in Tampa, Tulsa and Washington DC.