Personal Injury Law Firm in Lakeland, FL

Any personal injury law firm’s goal is fair compensation for their clients. The difference is that at the Romano Law Firm, we truly care about our clients as people. We recognize that you are the victim, and we are prepared to do anything in our power to get justice for you. Our Lakeland personal injury lawyers are experienced handling a variety of personal injury cases, both minor and major, which includes Tampa auto accident injuries.

Our Lakeland personal injury law firm understands how serious problems can arise from even minor injuries and that someone needs to take accountability for these problems. We can help you stand up to those multi-billion dollar insurance companies to make sure your voice is heard and you get the financial relief you deserve. We will make sure you know your rights so that no one will take advantage of you and then aggressively pursue justice in your favor.

Choosing a Personal Injury Law Firm in Lakeland

While seeking legal representation for your personal injury case, it is exceptionally important that you find a Lakeland personal injury law firm that will work with you. The Romano Law Firm will assign you an attorney who will personally take the time to understand the details of your individual case before proceeding. Your voice will never be lost in an assembly-line process or formulaic proceeding because we care about you, the victim. In addition, we consistently have positive results by getting our clients more financial compensation than they otherwise would have received.

If you or a close friend or relative has been wrongfully injured, call the Romano Law Firm now. The sooner we hear from you, the sooner we will be able to assign you a Lakeland personal injury attorney who can get you the financial recovery you deserve. We serve clients throughout the Tampa area, which includes North Tampa and Brandon.

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While we have offices throughout the Tampa area, we can also fly or drive to meet clients. In addition, we offer webcam appointments. One of our office locations includes:

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